Narragansett Bay Insurance Company Review

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narragansett bay insurance company

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company Overview

Narragansett Bay Insurance underwrites home insurance policies and related services to several states on the east coast. The carrier was founded in 1981 and is currently headquartered in Johnston, Rhode Island. 

Since its founding, Narragansett Insurance has only sold homeowners coverage and did not get into other lines like life and auto insurance coverage. This strict focus has allowed it to develop coverage options and services that many other providers simply don’t offer.  

States that Narragansett Insurance Operates In

Narragansett’s products are sold through a network of licensed and independent agents. As of 2022, the company operates in seven states. These include:

  • Rhode Island
  • Deleware
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York

If you live in one of these states, you cannot get a quote online at the company’s website. To get a quote, call an agent today.  

Narragansett Homeowners Insurance 

Whether you have a high-value property worth millions or a small starter home that needs affordable coverage, Narragansett Bay Insurance Company can get you covered with competitive rates and protection plans that go above what most other insurers offer. 

Often, a home is the single largest investment a person will make, and it needs the proper insurance to protect it fully. Narragansett Bay can develop customized insurance plans for a client’s specific coverage needs. The insurer focuses on providing tailored matched home insurance policies that fit each client’s unique needs.  

Narragansett Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Narragansett Insurance covers various types of properties. 

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Vacation or Secondary Homes
  • Duplex Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Manufactured Homes

A Narragansett homeowners insurance policy will cover your property from most events, including:

  • Fire
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Most weather Related events

  Coverage is wide-ranging and also provides for: 

  • Theft of Personal Property – such as the loss of jewelry 
  • Personal Liability Coverage – if someone is injured while in your home
  • Rental Assistance – while your property is being repaired

While this level of coverage is suitable for most homeowners, Narragansett Bay also has extended protection known as the Mariner Plus Endorsement. This enhanced protection covers: 

  • Greater personal liability coverage for medical payments
  • Higher limits for home contents
  • Coverage for expensive repairs relating to sewers and drains
  • Coverage for extensive tree removal costs 
  • Expenses resulting from identity fraud

All in all, the Mariner Plus Endorsement covers a homeowner with just about anything that could happen. This includes everything from someone being injured inside the home, to pipes freezing or breaking, to the home destroyed in a fire. This enhanced coverage is reasonably priced, and for properties costing over $1 million, it can be a smart choice. To get a free homeowners quote, call an agent today.  

Personal Umbrella Insurance 

An umbrella policy protects against large judgments made against you. For the ultimate protection, Narragansett Bay Insurance Company offers umbrella coverage. This wide-ranging plan insures against loss as a result of a large judgment. 

For example, a child drowns and dies in your swimming pool, and you’re sued for $3 million. With an umbrella policy, you will be covered up and to the policy’s limits.    

Umbrella coverage is above and beyond the set homeowners limits in the policy. Contact an agent to learn more.  

Home Systems Protection 

Above and beyond umbrella coverage, Narragansett offers Home Systems Protection. This is added on coverage to the homeowner’s policy and covers equipment if it breaks down. 

The most common breakdowns include expensive items, such as a heating or air conditioning unit. With most homeowners insurance policies, these items will not be covered, but adding on this optional coverage can be a smart move, especially for homes with equipment that is older than ten years old.

It might not be wise for newer homes to get it added onto the policy, as some items are still under warranty from the manufacturer. Call an agent today and get a free over-the-phone quote to learn more about all the added-on coverage options.   

Available Discounts

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company offers several home insurance discounts. To see what discounts you qualify for, call an agent.  

  • Discounts for Renovations
  • Increased Deductible Discount
  • Policy Renewal Discount
  • Alarm and Enhanced Safety Devices Discounts  

Narragansett Bay Insurance Website

The insurer has a modern and easy-to-navigate website located at The site has wide-ranging information and policy options on all coverage types. In addition, current policyholders can file a claim and check their claim status all online. 

Only agents can access a separate Narragansett Bay Insurance login on the site. One thing new customers can’t do on the site is get a Narragansett home insurance quote. Many national, larger insurers provide online quotes and then direct customers to an agent.

It would be optimal if a website visitor could get a free homeowners quote or estimate before contacting an agent. Not having online quotes is the only major drawback of the Narragansett Bay insurance website.  

Management Team 

Tod Hart is the company’s current chief executive officer. Mr. Hart has years of experience in the insurance industry. 

Kirk Lusk is the chief financial officer. Mr. Lusk has been involved in insurance operations for more than 25 years. 

Brendan Voss is the insurer’s chief claims officer. 


Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Toll-Free 800-343-3375

1301 Atwood Ave #316e

Johnston, Rhode Island 02919

Mailing Address 

PO BOX 820 Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02862

Business Hours 

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time 

Current Claims or to start a new claim: 

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company Rating

The company has been fully audited and reaffirmed by Demotech Inc., a leader in financial audits. Demotech has given Narragansett Insurance a rating of “A, Exceptional.” 

This high score demonstrates the company is in rock-solid financial standing and has the ability to pay out large claims if severe weather events affect the region it serves. 


For homeowners on the east coast, Narragansett Bay Insurance Company has some of the best home insurance coverage of any provider. The insurer offers several add-on coverage options that provide thorough home protection at competitive rates. 

The only drawback is they are not the cheapest insurer, and you can attain comparable coverage through larger insurers such as State Farm. So, enter your zip code and fill out a five-minute application to compare homeowners insurance rates near you. Save more on homeowners coverage today.

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