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Getting Citizens Insurance Michigan can be confusing to almost anyone, especially to new drivers who are not up to date on all of the state’s guidelines. However, once you take a look at Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan’s requirements, you will find that both getting quality Citizens Auto insurance and saving money are more straightforward than you might think. Let us start off by looking at the basics to get you adequately insured in Michigan. There are essential requirements that you should be aware of before purchasing a policy. After you read the info below and are still confused, don’t worry, good citizens insurance Michigan agent can walk through the process and give you helpful tips on getting insured at the best possible rate. Like almost any other state, automobile insurance is mandatory in Michigan, so you cannot get around it if you plan on driving. The good news is that there are low minimum liability amounts in the state, which can help you get moderate coverage. Agents often refer to These minimum amounts as PIP Insurance and PDL Insurance.

Citizens Insurance Michigan

Personal Injury Protection Insurance, which is better known to most as PIP, has a state-required essential minimum of $10,000 per vehicle that you insure. Besides, the same state rules are in effect for property damage liability or PDL coverage, which comes with the same $10,000 Michigan liability minimums.

Citizens Insurance Michigan – No-Fault Car Insurance

For drivers who think they are very responsible behind the wheel and want to save much money on insurance premiums, a Citizens Auto insurance Michigan minimum No-fault policy can only cost you around $2 a day or less.

If you get a simple no-fault system, it might be wise to buy extra medical coverage just in case you have a severe accident that costs you over $10,000 in hospital bills. Talk to a veteran agent first and make sure you and your family are totally comfortable getting a basic bond policy before purchasing.

PIP Insurance can be cheap but let us dig a little deeper and go over a few more points. There are some other considerable expenses that your PIP Insurance will cover, which included the following:

  1. Your children or family members in your immediate household up to your limit.
  2. Your child, when injured while on a school bus or in pedestrian traffic areas or even on a bicycle.
  3. Finally, any passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident who do not have their Personal Injury Protection coverage will be insured under your policy, given that they do not already own an automobile. The coverage, of course, includes you if you are hurt in someone else’s vehicle.

PDL Insurance coverage from Citizens Insurance Michigan

Property Damage Liability coverage in Michigan will insure you for any damage to another person’s property for which you are responsible. It includes, but is not limited to, homes, boats, buildings, and so forth. 

Citizens Insurance Michigan has some of the cheapest no-fault insurance in the state. We can get you the best possible coverage at unbeatable rates.