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Citizens Insurance in Detroit – How it works

Several different companies in the U.S. are named or at least popularly associated with Citizens. One of the most notable is Citizens Property Insurance Corporations in Detroit, a government-owned non-profit insurance company that underwrites homeowners insurance policies in Florida and Louisiana. Another well-known company with a similar name is Citizens Insurance in Detroit, Michigan or officially referred to as Citizens Insurance Company of America. It is, in fact, a leading provider of both personal and commercial properties in the Midwest. Besides providing its services in Michigan, Detroit Citizens homeowners insurance is also available in Ohio and Illinois.

The company is a subsidiary of The Hanover Insurance Group, based in Worcester, Massachusetts. This parent company is one of the top 25 providers of property and casualty insurance in the United States. It has been doing its businesses for more than 160 years providing a broad range of insurance products all over the world. In Detroit, besides to parenting the citizen’s property and casualty insurance, The Hanover has more than a dozen of subsidiaries including financial services. As an evidence of its broad scope of business and international reputation, The Hanover also underwrites business at Lloyd’s of London in various business sectors including property, energy, and marine.

Citizens property insurance has one of the organic varieties of coverage divided into three different packages including Platinum, Platinum Select Plus, and Platinum Select Premium. Each of those packages can be expanded with various types of additional endorsements as well. While the limits and types of coverage can be different from state to state, the available options are more or less the same. Citizens insurance in Detroit, Michigan provides a broad range of home insurance coverage as briefly outlined below.

1. Platinum Package

All the basic types of coverage provided by Citizen insurance company is included in the Platinum Package, which covers many things as follows:

• Waiver of Deductible: in case a single loss to your property affects other things such as a car, boat, or another home, only the highest policy deductible will apply. Other policies with less deductible are entirely waived. However, it applies when the loss to that policy does exceed the allowable.

• Fire Extinguisher Replacement or Recharge: if you use your portable fire extinguisher to fight a fire in the insured property, Citizens Insurance Company of America will pay for a recharge or replacement. There is no deductible required for this coverage.

• Mortgage Extra Expense Coverage: in case a total loss occurs, this coverage provides reimbursement to replace the property. Just in case if a new mortgage is required, with a higher interest, the additional interest is covered including up to $1,000 for application fees, appraisals, and title. There is no deductible required.

• Siding and Roofing Restoration: if the roofing or siding is damaged only to a particular portion (not all parts are damaged), the company covers the cost to replace the whole part. The amount of coverage reaches up to $20,000.

• Extended Dwelling Replacement Cost: it covers losses up to 125 percent of the policy’s limit. Some benefits of this coverage include the probability to get materials of comparable quality to your previous property, and it also makes sure to cover increased cost of material of labor.

• Personal Property Replacement Cost: this coverage provides replacement cost for destroyed, stolen, or damaged personal property. It does not take property’s condition or age (depreciation) into account.
• Food Products: due to loss of power, the company will even cover food products stored in freezer or refrigerator.

• Lock Replacements: in the unfortunate events that your keys are stolen, it includes the replacement cost of external locks replacement.

2. Platinum Select Plus

Apart from the basic Platinum Package, citizens home insurance also provides a complete range of coverage included in Platinum Select Plus. This package includes all types of financial protection from Platinum Package, but it adds the following:

• Extended Dwelling Replacement Cost reaches up to 150 percent of the policy’s limit

• Water Backup and Sump Overflow: it covers property losses caused by water backing up through drains or sewers. Damages caused by sump overflows are also covered. The coverage reaches up to $10,000

• Personal Injury: it includes the cost related to personal injuries. The financial protection also includes lawsuits, lawyer’s fees, and even time off from work.

• Identity Fraud: the expense as a result of identity fraud is covered. It may include mailing cost, document duplication, and all legal fees involved in the process.

3. Platinum Select Premium

The best package available from Citizens Insurance in Detroit, Michigan is bundled in Platinum Select Package. It has everything from the previous two packages and two more benefits including Water Backup and Sump Overflows Coverage of up to $25,000 and removal of deductible when the loss of property exceeds $50,000. Besides those two additional benefits, Platinum Select Package also includes a coverage called Special Personal Property that covers all but specifically named perils or causes, for example, smog, rust, freezing and pollutants. It even incorporates three more conditions including:

• Breaking fragile items that are not covered in standard policy
• Lost jewelry such as watches, silverware, furs, and more
• Damages caused by non-earthquake earth movement

Depending on your needs, a citizens insurance quote can add some extra coverage or endorsements. The support may include a breakdown of household equipment. Guaranteed replacement cost after a total loss assisted living care, and a stand-alone Water Backup and Sump Overflows coverage that exceeds the limit mentioned in any of the packages mentioned above. Moreover, citizens insurance also offers some discounts with comfortable eligibility requirements for examples for non-smokers, installed safety or security devices, group discounts, newer home credit, and account credit.