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Earthquake Insurance in California

December 14, 2015

Earthquake Insurance in California If you are getting ready to get a house in California, you might be wondering about whether or not you need to get earthquake coverage added to your policy. After all, it is hard to remember even the last time a major quake hit the golden state and caused any serious damage. You might assume you read more (…)

Florida – Citizens Property Insurance

June 10, 2015

Citizens Property Insurance in Florida – How it works Several different companies in the U.S. are named or at least popularly associated with Citizens Property. One of the most notable is Citizens Property Insurance Corporations in Florida, a government-owned non-profit insurance company that underwrites homeowners insurance policies in Florida and Louisiana.  It is, in fact, a leading provider of both read more (…)

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance

August 10, 2011

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Just like other home insurance companies, Louisiana Citizens Property insurance is also known to have excessively high premium for home insurance. The main reasons are more or less the same – there are too many perils primarily natural disasters such as floods, wind storms, and hurricanes. With such high risk of total property destruction, insurers logically read more (…)

Home, Life, Health And Car Insurance In Florida

May 4, 2011

Citizens Property Insurance Florida For Full Coverage Needs Most homeowners in Florida simply have their properties insured by the government’s Citizens Property Insurance Florida instead of by other insurers. According to FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes), many Florida domiciles are susceptible to a number of perils including thunderstorms, wild fires, extreme heat, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods; therefore, the state-owned read more (…)